Kinesiology Treatments

Karyl Sanchez Cave
In 2001, Karyl became interested in Kinesiology due to the impact experienced when her son had significant changes in his symptoms following Kinesiology treatments. Karyl became fascinated with the fact that with Kinesiology, you can communicate with the body and search for stressors by passing the mental aspect of the body. Kinesiology can be useful throughout the life stages, from children experiencing ADD, ADHD, learning difficulties and behvioural issues to chronic progressive conditions including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and sensitivities such as IBS. Karyl has a Diploma in Kinesiology, one in NLK and the other in NOT.
Karyl has a Diploma in Health Science and Remedial Massage, graduating from Wollongong TAFE in 2001. Karyl has had 13 years of experience, in both her own practice and in conjunction with her business partner, developing a successful 3 clinic business specializing in lower back, neck and joint pain.  Karyl has adopted many techniques that were developed by Dr Paul Connelley which are still regularly used today.. Some techniques karyl uses can assist clients to improve range of movement, reduce in pain, releasing muscle spasms, increase lymphatic flow movement, reduce lymphatic build up, scar tissue involvements, myofacial clearing and more. Karyl is also a workcover approved practitioner. And you can claim her treatments through Hicaps or health fund rebates. She is an accredited practitioner with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, Australia.