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Half hour consultation by phone or skype     $45 AUD
One hour consultation by phone or skype      $70 AUD
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About Karyl M Sanchez

I am an independent researcher and author,  not funded by any organisation or company who produce products. My findings and consequent information is for the purpose of education and not intended to substitute medical advice, always check with your health care professional before implementing new health plans.


Diploma in Health Science and Remedial Massage, Dip Kinesiology specialising in NOT and NLK. I have 16 years in practice. I have an interest in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy. Ran and operated a Naturopathic and Musculoskeletal Clinic for 12 years.

My story

I would like to share briefly my own experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia which I developed at the age of 40.

My symptoms began just before my 40th birthday; I was diagnosed by 2 doctors, one in Bowral and another in Wollongong. My symptoms were extreme weakness, brain fog, cognetive disfunction, pain all over the body and painful headaches, I could not open my eyes, and I could not physically walk after 4pm. I tried, I had a 6 year old and a 9 year old at the time. I was working as a massage therapist and kinesiologist in Wollongong with a 2 hour drive to work. I ran the business we had with my husband at the time. I had sensitivity to noise, to light, my memory was terrible, I could hardly talk and my tongue was swollen. I had conjunctivitis but clear all the time, my throat was swollen every day, month after month, year after year. I had better days than others but I would count the good days as one or two per month. And those days were not even that good they just meant my headaches where not excruciating.

I forced myself to get up even though my whole body felt bruised and I had sharp pains that would appear out of the blue along the spine and in my joints. I did the merry go round of blood tests and doctors.

Emotionally I was super sensitive, I felt that no one understood me and no one could help me. And they actually didn’t. My family had no idea what was happening to me and I could not explain to them the extent of what I was feeling and this illness was not going away.

It was a plain and simple nightmare. I wanted to scream but I had no energy to do it. The frustration levels were escalating.

I started to do something about my symptoms after 4 or 5 years of being in this CFS cloud.

What I did initially included:

  • * Colonics
  • * Detox diet
  • * Herbs Cleanse U and Gingko
  • * Gupta Amygdala Retraining Program


How I can help you in these One on One sessions or in my workshops?

As an educator by using my own health experience I hope to present some tangible techniques, hints and ideas to assist in the Progress of healing from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia or Chemical Sensitivities symptoms.

I want to convey that what I present comes from experience as well as knowledge as a kinesiologist and remedial massage therapist. My aim is to help people release symptoms and achieve their health goals.

HOW will these One on One sessions and workshops help you?

I have designed these sessions to:

  • * Deliver and facilitate techniques
  • * Help people to construct their own healing plan
  • * Assist in identifying and clarifying symptoms
  • * Guide and instruct them to use certain techniques
  • * Bring awareness to what body systems are out of order and what we can do to help ourselves
  • * Give you guidance while you make the necessary changes to achieve your health goals


Reconstructing your health after CFS or Fibromyalgia is not easy; it affects many body systems and many functions of the human body. There is no magic pill, what I can offer however is help to assist in the release of CFS and Fibromyalgia symptoms.

We can work towards the following:

  • * Increase in Energy levels
  • * Release Brain Fog
  • * Reduce muscle pain
  • * Better sleep
  • * Improve immune system response
  • * Less days in bed
  • * More happy enjoyable days
  • * Understanding energy drains
  • * Healing and understanding Sensitivities
  • * Learning about loving yourself and taking care of yourself showing its effects on CFS symptoms.


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